We acknowledge the significant environmental impact associated with our industry and we recognise our collective responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner.

Internally, we are committed to making all possible efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and minimise the negative consequences of our production on the well-being of others.

We have identified key priority areas that mark the initial phase of our sustainability journey: production and waste management. 

As an example, our 2023 collections have been made using a premium, eco-friendly material: Bio-Acetate. The bio-based components of Bio-Acetate derive from renewable sources such as fibers from seeds and woods. The Bio-Acetate parts of the frames are also 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Our approach to sustainability is not a superficial checklist exercise, nor do we intend to merely embrace trendy buzzwords. We are committed to tackling these challenges methodically, one step at a time, through thorough investigation, a refusal to settle for the status quo, continuous improvement, and unwavering transparency regarding our progress. This is an evolving process and it will be refined during our inspiring journey.