Gabi Eyewear is a unique brand that incorporates mystical Viking Runes into the sunglasses. Our designs reflect the ancient wisdom and strength associated with these powerful symbols. We were inspired by mysticism, power and aesthetics of Viking runes, something that is being now introduced in our new Runic Collection. Each pair of sunglasses is representing a specific rune and its meaning, embracing rich history and symbolism of the Vikings. The wearer of the sunglasses with any of the Rune should be empowered by its meaning. Two other of our collections, H2 and O2, is a mix of classic styles from the twentieth century intertwined with modern elements. 
We make our brand special: we are independent, we produce in micro batches, we choose our retailers carefully, and we also try our best to use natural resources like bio-acetate, having a circular approach in mind. We also donate our profit to the cause that we deeply care for. By using latest engineering and best technologies all our sunglasses are neat and elegant so that they feel timeless.
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  • Isabelle W, Iceland

    "Gorgeous sunglasses, perfect for summer and other seasons. Excellent service. Thank you. Will highly recommend; and will buy again."

  • Abigail T, UK

    "Subtle and yet an eye catching design. Superb quality and the price. A proud owner of Gabi pair of sunglasses, will return for more."

  • Margaret M, Germany

    "Great frame colour, classic and yet trendy design, can't have enough of my purchase. Looking forward to new collections."

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